Nasr Riding Club was formed under the aegis of Nawab Khutubuddin Khan, Joint Secretary/Director, Nasr Education Society in the year 1999.  The Nasr Riding Club today is the best riding club in the city and like its parent; The Nasr Equestrian Club has distinguished itself with many laurels in the country and abroad.

With 9 horses in its stables the Nasr Riding Club members take part in many on and off field activities under the watchful guidance of their Instructor Mir Jammaluddin Hammad.  The Nasr Riders were part of the marching contingent in the Investiture Day and during the Sports day the Dressage and the Ball and Bucket game performed by the Nasr Riders is a treat to watch.


‘We love horses for what they embody: freedom, spirit, adventure, perseverance, and drive. Horses are gentle, loyal, fierce friends and the ultimate travel companions who are willing to go the distance with you.’