Nature Club 2015-2016


Annual Report 2015-2016

Nasr Nature Club was started in 1998 under the esteemed guidance of Begum Anees Khan,who is  continuous source of inspiration.It is her love and concern for nature which has led to the formation of this Club.

Our Club is registered under the world-wide fund for Nature-India.Club activities are co-ordinate with WWF and Forest Department Programmes,which mainly focus on spreading awareness among students about the need for conservation of nature resources,life,water,forest and wild life along with the issues related to environment and their solutions.

The Club activities include a PPT Presentation,talks by expert,painting,poster making and model making competitions.Wild Life quiz,debates and essay writing competition,bird watching,field trips etc.

Important information and messages are conveyed through the displays on Nature Club.


1. 8TH July 2015:                                 Vanamahotsav-Exhibits on Rainwater Harvesting Structures.

2. 31st July 2015:                                 Enrollment for Academic Year 2015-2106

                                                               75 members enrolled  Club registered in WWF(Nature Clubs of India)

3. 30th September 2015:                    Visit by Ms.Karishma,EDN Officer,WWF A.P.T.S.O

                                                               Talk on Tiger reserve

4. 7th October 2015:                           Visit to Vanasthalipuram Dear Park-WildLife Week

5. 26th November 2015:                     WildLife Quiz and Crossword,Puzzle on Biodiversity

6.18th March 2016:                             Installation of Bird houses and Water pots

                                                              - World Sparrow Day