Nasr Dramatic Society-'Mr.Poppins'


Nasr Dramatic Society  Mr. Poppins

“The stage is a magic circle where only the most real things happen, a neutral territory outside the jurisdiction of Fate where stars may be crossed with impunity. A truer and more real place does not exist in all  the universe.” A very apt quote by  P.S. Baber.

Dramatic Arts education is an important means of stimulating CREATIVITY IN PROBLEM SOLVING. It challenges our perceptions about the world.

Nasr Dramatic Society is a specialized club devoted to dramatics. 

The Story……

Jane and Michael, the young Banks children, have sent yet another nanny packing,

dismissing these children as hopelessly and irrevocably spoiled and misbehaved.

With a father who works constantly and mother who is always distracted, Jane and

Michael have suffered without strong caretaking forces in their lives. Then the magical

Mary Poppins flies on the wind, bringing with her a combination of whimsy, magic and

 disciplined common sense to the children’s lives. Together, they go on memorable and magical adventures – and also learn the importance of a tidy nursery

and of taking the medicine they need (with a spoonful of sugar, of course)

Mary Poppins’

transformational influence does not stop with the children – eventually, she teaches the grown-ups, as well, to open up and realize that “anything can happen if you let it.”

The Chief Guests, Dr. Rajasekhar, Mrs. Jeevitha, Mrs. Lakshmi Manchu,

Honorable Chairperson Begum Anees Khan, Nasr Education Society

Secretary Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Nasr Education Society

Members and Board of Directors Janaba Raees Hasan, Mr. Asadullah Pasha,

Begum Salwa Khan,

Director Academics Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed,

Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed

Head master Mr. Reniv Thomas and Headmistress Mrs. Razia Hussain Khan.

The delegates of the German exchange programme.

Director of the play – Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed

Costume designer of the play – Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed

The main characters are played by

Mary Poppins         – Md Mufaqqam Mohiuddin

Bert                       - Ammar Ahmed

Mr. Banks              - Mohit Sharma

Mrs. Banks            - Mir Mohammed Ali

Jane                      - Kumail Mehdi Baig

Micheal                 - M. Ishaan Reddy