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Nasr Dramatic Society 2017-1018 TARZAN

Nasr Dramatic Society presents ‘TARZAN’

‘TARZAN’ will be remembered in the history of Nasr as one of the most enchanting musical plays. It is definetly another feather to the Nasr cap!

The play was staged on the 19th of January 2018. The character of Tarzan as the jungle boy who was raised by the apes was ably played by Master Kumail Mahdi Baig and Master Ishaan Reddy. Some of the characters that laid a footprint on the sands of time were, Jane played by Master Afraz Bukhari, Terk played by Master Mir Mustafa Ali Hasan and Master Harshith Anmol Sai, Kala played by Master Anhad Ehtesham, Kerchak the gruff bull ape played by Master Syed Mohammed Arselan, Master Yash Gir as the brutish guide and evil Sabor dramatically portrayed by Master Mohd Ahmed Sayeed.

The songs, “Two Worlds” and “You’ll be in my heart”, have been etched in the hearts of the audience as they moved the emotional side of undying love between son of a man and the jungle world.

The play portrayed the eternal conflict between good and evil, man’s greed, love and hope and the compassion of animals with verve and passion.




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