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The Hyderabad City Security Council and Hyderabad City Police in association with WNS foundation launched a program of "Cybersmart" last year which educated us on staying safe on Cyberspace.
Mrs. Iqbal Yasmeen maam has accomplished the task of making our school "Cyber Surakshit" with the support and coordination of our Honorable Principal Sir, Respected Thomas sir and Respected Ayesha maam.
 This event was held on 30th December 2021 in National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad where Nasr Boys School has received a certificate of achievement and a Momento, Iqbal Yasmeen maam has received a Certificate of Achievement by Addl. DCP Smt. Sirisha Raghavendra and our School Captain- Mohd. Abdul Hannan Ahmed has received a certificate of appreciation for his excellent speech.
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