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Farewell Party 2106-2017

“Farewell to thee, farewell to thee, Thou charming one who dwells in shaded bowers, One fond embrace ere I depart, until we meet again”

“Today you leave, leaving a mark in our heart, but for now our ways, we must part. Our friendship countless times has been put to test, but I promise we will all meet again before our eternal test”

VIVA LA NASR – Long live Nasr, has the theme for this academic farewell of 2016-17, was organised on 9th February, 2017 at the School Auditorium at 2.30pm. The students were dressed in their best formals.

The venue was depicting Las Vegas, was colourfully decorated with playing cards, balloons and coins, with black and red as the main colour for the event.

By gracing the occasion was the director Nawab Mir Qutubuddin Khan, Begum Salwa Khan, Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Headmaster Mr.Reniv Thomas, Head Mistress Mrs. Ayesha Fatima, teachers and students of 9th and 10th.

Cultural program was organised by the 9th class students, was a refreshing entertainment for everyone and was appreciated too. All that is well ends well, so was the program with delicious andmouth watering lunch.

The following was the title bestow on the students:

1.   Mr. Congeniality

2.   Mr. Talented

3.   Mr.Popular

4.   Mr. Nasr Runner Up

5.   Mr.NASR

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