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The Speckled Band- A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The Nasr Dramatic Society(NDS) was formed in 2004 to foster the artistic abilities of the students of Nasr Boys School.  It has continued to nurture and enhance the talents of every nascent artist to grow into full fledged actors. The NDS has helped students to adapt beyond the school curriculum to the world of theatre and in the process to develop self discipline, courage, resilience and most importantly self confidence.  
The annual NDS play was an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Speckled Band starring the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty aide Dr Watson. 
The thrilling mystery had young actors playing their part to perfection, Mir Mustafa Ali Hassan as Dr Grimesby Roylott, Md Affan Ali Khan as Philip Stoner, Md Mustafa Anwar as Sherlock Holmes, Syed Md Aliuddin as Dr Watson and Mohit Sharma as Mr Hudson.  
The play was directed by Dr Jolly Puthussery ably helped by the NDS production team. NDS Incharge Mrs Hema Madhav and her team of teachers worked tirelessly to attain the theatrical perfection required of a murder mystery.   Honored Guest, eminent theatre personality Muhammad Ali Baig was all praise for the NDS.  
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