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A Visit to National Remote Sensing Centre

On 24th July 2018, students of grade 9 had an exciting experience of visiting the National Remote Sensing Centre at Jeedimetla.

The trip had assisted students to learn about the satellites and their applications in various fields which included from learning about geographical conditions to defence for security purpose of our country.

Mr. Shankar, a scientist of NRSC had explained that there are two kinds of satellites Geostationary Satellite (GSLV) and Remote Sensing Satellite (PSLV) through a PowerPoint presentation.


He further explained how Geostationary Satellite helps revolve around the earth in equatorial orbit from west to east directions to be used in Telecommunication sciences and Remote Sensing Satellite rotate from pole to pole to take global images.        

The visit to the Remote Sensing System, had truly provided the students with the knowledge related to how National Remote Sensing Centre provides remote sensing & GIS application projects for natural resources and environmental management catering to food security, water security, energy security and sustainable development. The session had been both educative and interactive for the learners. Many inquisitive minds had shown their interest by asking relevant questions to the scientist in order to clear their conception regarding space and satellites. The trip had inspired many students to opt this field as their career in future.


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