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Gardening Workshop

It is said that a seed once sown never dies. Plants not only beautify our environment but also helps in balancing the ecosystem and is also considered by many people as a relaxing activity.

Hence, a “ Gardening Workshop” for the students of primary school was conducted by Mr. Mir Afzal Ali from Myro Garden Centre on 3rd July. Students were enlightened about the significance of planting trees. The workshop commenced by demonstrating the students about the different parts of a plant. This was followed by explaining the process of photosynthesis. Here, the students had gathered the knowledge about the plants that are grown to adorn the garden are different from those that are grown for consumption or for their medicinal values.

The concept of “Green Gardening” was explained to the young enthusiasts in a simple way. This involves growing plants using organic fertilizers and pesticides, which would not affect the environment or people's health.

The students had not only learnt about the secrets and benefits of gardening but had also shared their love for growing plants in the workshop.


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