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Inter- House Naath Competition

Every year the Inter-House Naath Competition is held in the school, where students sing prayer songs to celebrate the birth anniversary of holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) with religious zeal and fervour.

This year the competition has turned out to be a grand event as all the four houses of the school- Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Surya of both Primary and High school have presented a song each to commemorate the birth anniversary of the holy Prophet. The students of pre-primary have raised the curtain of the programme with a beautiful hymn presented by them.

The event has taken place in the presence of eminent personalities like Dr. Qamar Hussain Ansari and Mrs. Noor Ameena Ansari, the Chairperson Nasr Education Society Begum Anees Khan, Member Board of Directors Begum Salwa Khan, Executive Director Finance-Nasr Education Society Mr. Mir Jamaluddin Hammad, CEO and Principal, Nasr School Boys Mr. Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed accompanied by his wife Mrs Ayesha Mir, Headmaster Mr. Reniv Thomas, Headmistress Mrs. Ayesha Fatima and Mrs. Imrana Khatoon.

The students of every house have presented their best and sang the songs with utmost earnestness and devotion. The prayerful song sung by all the four houses in unison has really turned out to be the blissed moment of the day.

The programme has concluded with the Principal Mr. Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed declaring Surya House and Agni House to be the winner of Primary and High School respectively.



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