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Raggabund Concert

Nasr Boys School hosted the live Raggabund Concert on 31st August, 2018 in the school auditorium. Amita Desai, the Executive Director Goethe-Zentrum and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft(DFG) - German Research Foundation, Padma PVL, language coordinator at the Goethe- Zentrum along with Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Secretary Nasr Education Society; Begum Salwa Khan, Member Board of Directors of Nasr Education Society, Mr. Mir Jamaluddin Hammad, Director of Finance, Nasr Education Society; Mr. Mir. Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Principal Nasr School Boys and Principal Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed, Principal Nasr Girls School, Khairatabad were amongst the dignitaries who inaugurated the Raggabund Live Concert.


Students of both Nasr Boys and Nasr Girls School had attended the concert. They looked quite ecstatic, enjoying every moment of the live performance of the singers. Raggabund churned out one spellbinding song after another which had left the audience asking for more. The music had left everyone grooving on their feet.


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