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Investiture Ceremony 2018

Eyes imbued with dreams of tomorrow, shoulders yearning to uplift the challenging responsibilities and mind infused with sprightful ideas boost the head suffused with lattice of imaginary directions to step towards the world of leadership.

True leaders are an agglomeration of some fearless, challenging individuals who is ever ready to set their wings on fire in order to create a new world with new conventions. They unlock various doors of success and add colours to an institution, organization or the nation when given a chance.

The 20th Investiture Ceremony had commenced with the welcome speech delivered by the School Captain Master Yahya Aseerullah.

On 11th August, four days prior to India’s 72nd Independence Day the leaders of Nasr Boys School were invested with their badges of honour by the Chief Guest Major Colonel R. Raghavan, Indian Army who was accompanied by his wife Squadron Leader (retired) Mrs. Kamakshi, Indian Air Force in the presence of eminent dignitaries comprised the Secretary Nasr Education Society Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan, Member Board of Director Begum Salwa Khan, Member Board of Director Janaba Raees Hasan, Director in Academics and Nasr Girls  School Principal Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed, Director Finance Mir Jamaluddin Hammad,  Nasr Boys School Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Nasr Boys School Headmaster Mr. Reniv Thomas, Headmistress Mrs. Ayesha Fatima and Pre-Primary Headmistress Mrs. Imrana Khatoon.

The boys were imbued with the marked speech of the Chief Guest which actuated them to lead a life of disciplinarian in order to attain success in life.

Nasr Boys School Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed had also accentuated through his speech, the magnitude of the day to the students by indoctrinating them the principles of fulfilling the responsibilities that one bears with honour and pride.

The programme had a perfect look of the captains, vice captains, office bearers, special marching contingents including NCC, School Band and the horse riders marching across the field holding the school and house flags high to the synchronised symphony of the band and the drum beats.


The programme had taken its height when the new leaders kissed their badge of honour taking an oath of fulfilling their responsibilities with courage, authority and leadership.

The school had chosen this auspicious moment to felicitate its students who had achieved excellence in ICSE 2018.

The Secretary Nasr Education Society, Nawab Mir Khutubuddin Khan had presented the Gold Medal to the school ICSE Topper 2018 Master Mohammed Abdul Rahman Ali who had scored an aggregate of 94.2% in the examination. The medal was sponsored by Chairperson Nasr Education Society, Begum Anees Khan in memory of her late husband Nawab Mir Muzzafar Hussain Khan.

The Chief Guest Major Colonel R. Raghavan, Indian Army had felicitated the ICSE toppers in various subjects Master Mohammed Abdul Rahman Ali for scoring 100% in Mathematics, Master Mohammed Sameed Hussain for scoring 98% in Computer Applications, Master Mohammed Amaan Ansari for scoring 98% in Hindi and Master Koluguru Prabhas Srinivas for scoring 100% in Environmental Applications. The mementoes for all the toppers had been sponsored by Principal Mir Hafeezuddin Ahmed, Headmaster Mr. Reniv Thomas, Headmistress Mrs. Ayesha Fatima, the Departments of Environmental Applications and Hindi Language.

The moment of pride and glory had come to its end with the Vote of Thanks proposed by the School Vice-Captain Arush R. Thomas, which was followed by the School Song and National Anthem.

The programme of Investiture Ceremony is held every year in the school to exhibit that a leader is present in every individual but one requires to identify its quality in order to set a mark in the world of creation and wisdom.


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