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Inter-Class Chart Competition 2018

A room filled with colourful information gives birth to intellectual ideas and thoughts. It is practically the factory which invigorates learning with new innovations and also sets new wings of imagination.

An Inter- Class Chart Competition was held from 25th to 27th July to reflect the artistic potentialities of students and teachers to décor their classes with colours stolen from the world of dreams and fancies.

The competition was categorized under three groups they are Primary, Middle school and High School.

Myriads of themes representing subjects like Ornithology, Herbs, Advertising, Sports had decked every corner of the classrooms.  Themes like Beauty in Barren, Constitution of India, Pre- Historic park, Guinness World Records and Music maniacs had also taken an outstanding stand.

The blend of innovative ideas through words and sketches had left the judges in awe.


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