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House Meeting 2018

The House meeting of the new academic year was preceded by celebrating the festival of planting more trees i.e. Van Mahotsav on July 6. Various activities had been conducted under the silver oak trees. To celebrate the day, students were first explained about the meaning of “Van Mahotsav” . They were further explained about how, why and when did this day start. In order to enhance the significance of this day each teacher had narrated a moral story on trees. Students had also taken oath on protecting and planting more trees in their surroundings.

Every class had also conducted some fun activities noting the importance of the day. The programme had come to an end by providing the students to savour the taste of refreshing coconut water.

The celebration was followed by the House Meeting in the latter half of the day. It was especially conducted for the members of each house Agni, Akash, Surya and Prithvi to know about the new agenda and duties of their respective house for the new academic year.

Every house meeting had started off with a prayer which was followed by the office bearers introducing themselves to the members of the house. Each of them had promised to shoulder their responsibilities with dignity and efficiency.

This was followed by a presentation on planting more trees by each house. As the House Meeting was conducted in the week of Van Mahotsav, therefore, the students were made aware of the need of greenery in our surroundings. In order to mark a note of realisation students were assigned with the activity of making bookmarks on the theme, Van Mahotsav. Students had beautifully implanted their ideas through their sketches.

The House Meeting had concluded successfully with the students looking forward to many more House Meetings ahead.


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